Triforce_Rebell: “My name is Ashley but I go by TriforceRebell. I’m an affiliated variety streamer on Twitch whose current go to game is Overwatch.

My channel isn’t anything MLG competitive and I try to keep it as a beacon of being judgement free. I prioritize becoming friends with all of chat, and making them comfortable.

I love doing giveaways because I love to give back to the people who support me. I also am big on charity and try to be as philanthropic as possible. And even with being relatively small, I have managed to get sponsorships which I also plan on trying to give back with doing a giveaway.

My goals are to continue growing and to stay as humble as possible to keep my community positive and level headed. There are too many communities who start to become toxic and the streamer loses sight of togetherness.

I have a goal to hit 1,000 followers in 2019.”

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