The great part about the Gamactica Stream Directory is our section on Twitch streams teams and Mixer stream teams, which offer great ways to join groups of streamers who team up to help one another achieve their streaming goals.


Listing in Stream Team section of Directory
Get your stream team in front of more eyes by listing your stream team in our Directory. This is in addition to your individual listing and the individual listings of your stream team members.

Group on Gamactica
Along with your listing in our Stream Directory, your stream team will get their own Group on Gamactica. Read About Groups Here

Marketing & Branding
As with any listing in our Stream Directory, and with members of our community, your brand will get the benefits of our marketing and internet marketing efforts. Read more about the benefits here

Additional Benefits

Perhaps the best part of listing your stream team on Gamactica is that we create a landing page that automatically plays any of your members’ channels once they go Live, and up to 100 live channels in total.

This is a great way to allow our members, and our traffic view any of your live channels, participate in chat (if they are logged into Twitch/Mixer) without leaving the website. And, they can jump between channels easily, without leaving the website or losing track of any other live channel.

See an example of this feature by clicking here.

Steps Involved

Interested in getting your stream team on board? Make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Admin/Owner is currently a member of
  • Stream Team is positive, non-toxic, community of streamers
  • Streams regularly
  • Recruits members from time to time.

If you meet the above, take the following steps:

  1. Fill out the Stream Directory Application Form as a Stream Team – Click Here
  2. Any member of your stream team NOT currently a member of Gamactica, must create an account.
  3. Have each member of Stream Team fill our the Stream Directory Application Form. Once they are listed, we can include their channels in the Stream Team’s LIVE page. This is also an added marketing/branding benefit for the streamer and the stream team.

Once we receive your application, we will be in touch with you, via email, to help you step by step in creating this page, getting your group launched, and helping you setup members.

Bring your Stream Team to the next level and build your brand on Gamactica!