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Finding a Stream Teams or Gaming Group can be challenging, especially if you’re not connected with many on social media.

Managing a Stream Team can also present challenges and can have limitations when it comes to recruiting, scouting, and vetting new potential members. The Gamactica platform provides you the tools and resources to improve your team’s efficiency in these areas, and more.

While Discoverability and Visibility is challenging for content creators, gamers, and streamers, it can be equally as challenging for Stream Teams. Gamactica’s proven formula can help your team, your group, your clan, get seen more improving brand value and notoriety.

List Your Stream Team in our Stream Team Directory and double-down on the benefits of our platform by listing each of your members in the Stream Directory.

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Bring your team improved discoverability with a proven, award-winning strategy. Gamactica has already helped a number of brands and creators in areas such as visibility. Check out our Case Studies to see for yourself the impact Gamactica’s platform can potentially have on your brand.

Industry Visibility

It can be challenging bringing your team to the next level and getting the attention of others in the industry. The Gamactica platform brings together creators, brands, and gamers from different sectors of the industry, from different platform, from around the world. Level Up your recruiting and networking with our platform.

Innovative Impact

Our award-winning internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) structure passes on innovative impact to brands, creators, and teams who are utilizing our social platform and our directories. Power Up your Team’s branding with next-level impact with a proven track record.

Dedicated LIVE Streams Page (Twitch only)


While every listing packs significant power, if you’re one of the many Stream Teams on Twitch, Gamactica can provide you with a dedicated LIVE Stream page, directly on your listing page.

Take a look at the video and see how our platform can create you a LIVE page to bring interaction on your listing page, and your channels, to the next level.

  • Discoverability & Visibility
  • Recruiting Efficiency
  • Vetting & Scouting
  • Brand Value
  • Review & Rating System

Gamactica & The Stream Directory Directory Benefits


  • Improved Visibility
  • Improved Discoverability
  • Branding Impact via SEO and Internet Marketing
  • Efficient Recruiting Tool
  • Efficient Vetting System
  • Optimized Networking
  • Intuitive Review System
  • Global & Cross-Platform Connectivity

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Join the Gamactica platform and bring your members over to get an exclusive listing in our Stream Team Directory. For even more marketing impact, each of your content creators can get listed in our Stream Directory. Each Stream Team can receive a Group on Gamactica to communicate with your members, and recruit new members.