Stream Directory

One of the prominent areas of Gamactica is our STREAM DIRECTORY which is a comprehensive directory of streams, sorted by categories, that connects members and visitors of the Gamactica website to specific streams on Twitch and Mixer. We are working on a way to incorporate YouTube channels as well. Our directory even has a section […]

Embedding Your Channel In Your Profile

As you setup your profile on Gamactica, you may wonder how to embed your channel on your profile page. Embedding your Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube channel allows people who visit your profile to watch your streams, or see your channel right from, giving you increased exposure, to attract viewers, followers, and subscribers. You can […]

How to Use Gamactica

First, thanks for joining our community. Now that you’re all signed up, you may be wondering how to use Gamactica, and what exactly it does. Since Gamactica is a social community, it works very similarly to other social media platforms, only this is specifically geared for the gaming and streaming niche. Here are some tips […]

Uploading a Profile Picture

To upload a picture, or replace an existing profile picture, simply follow the steps below: Go to your Profile Page (example: Click on the CAMERA icon next to your current profile picture. Upload a new picture Crop if necessary Save

Activity Stream Basics

The Activity stream is the most powerful feature of Gamactica. The activity stream is like a timeline on Twitter and/or a Wall on Facebook and allows you to post links, updates, photos and engage in conversations with others. When you post to your profile stream, it automatically feeds into the sitewide stream that you see […]

Private Messaging (DM)

Private Messaging is essentially the DM of Gamactica and allows you to engage in private conversations with other members you are friends with on Gamactica. To send a private message, we suggest friending a member first, and then messaging. Keep in mind that any abuse of private messaging, harassment, threats, or any conduct that goes […]

Connecting Your Instagram

Many members of Gamactica have a vibrant Instagram page that helps build and maintain their gaming presence. So, it’s important that you can show off your Instagram feed right from your Gamactica profile. In order to setup your Instagram page so it appears on your profile, please take the following steps: Go to your PROFILE […]

Creating a Group

In case you’re interested in creating a group, make sure that you fully read our About Groups page, there is a process in setting up a group for your gaming team, clan, club, or other gaming purpose. To create a group, use our Contact Form and tell us the following to be considered for approval: […]

Inviting Friends

As you build your following on Gamactica, you can invite your friends to join your Group. In order to do so, please follow the outlined steps below (you must be a group administrator in order to perform this operation): Go to your GROUP page Click on SEND INVITES Select your friends to invite Click SEND […]

Adding Friends

Adding friends is a great way to build connections with other members of Gamactica. Our Members area makes it easy to find friends based on criteria such as Newest Registered Members, Mixer Streamers, Twitch Streamers, Gamers, YouTube streamers , Merchants, and Cosplayers. By selecting one of those filters, you can narrow down your search. To add a friend […]