Activity Stream Basics

The Activity stream is the most powerful feature of Gamactica. The activity stream is like a timeline on Twitter and/or a Wall on Facebook and allows you to post links, updates, photos and engage in conversations with others.

When you post to your profile stream, it automatically feeds into the sitewide stream that you see in the main menu via that ACTIVITY tab.

Here are some features and capabilities of the Activity stream:

  • Post links to your stream, channel, social media page, or website. This is great when announcing that you’ll be streaming.
  • Use #Hashtags as you would on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook
  • Post photos of your gameplay, of you, or anything gaming related to keep your followers engaged
  • Mention other users by using the @ symbol
  • LIKE and COMMENT on other members’ posts
  • SHARE posts from the activity stream to your other social media accounts

You can view the sitewide ACTIVITY stream by clicking ACTIVITY in the main menu. Your PROFILE STREAM can be found by visiting you profile and clicking on the ACTIVITY tab on your profile menu.

To visit another member’s stream, visit their profile and click on ACTIVITY on their profile page

NOTE: the ACTIVITY tab located in the NAV MENU at the top of the website will always lead you to the sitewide ACTIVITY stream.

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