How to Use Gamactica

First, thanks for joining our community. Now that you’re all signed up, you may be wondering how to use Gamactica, and what exactly it does. Since Gamactica is a social community, it works very similarly to other social media platforms, only this is specifically geared for the gaming and streaming niche. Here are some tips […]

Activity Stream Basics

The Activity stream is the most powerful feature of Gamactica. The activity stream is like a timeline on Twitter and/or a Wall on Facebook and allows you to post links, updates, photos and engage in conversations with others. When you post to your profile stream, it automatically feeds into the sitewide stream that you see […]

I Was Marked As Spam During Registration

We have a number of measures in place to prevent spam registrations. Unfortunately, a lot of spammers spend a considerable amount of time creating fake accounts in order to post ads and spammy links to annoy members. There are a number of reasons why someone would be flagged during registration as potential spam, and if […]