Embedding Your Channel In Your Profile

As you setup your profile on Gamactica, you may wonder how to embed your channel on your profile page. Embedding your Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube channel allows people who visit your profile to watch your streams, or see your channel right from Gamactica.com, giving you increased exposure, to attract viewers, followers, and subscribers. You can […]

Uploading a Profile Picture

To upload a picture, or replace an existing profile picture, simply follow the steps below: Go to your Profile Page (example: http://gamactica.com/members/YOURUSERNAME/profile/) Click on the CAMERA icon next to your current profile picture. Upload a new picture Crop if necessary Save

Connecting Your Instagram

Many members of Gamactica have a vibrant Instagram page that helps build and maintain their gaming presence. So, it’s important that you can show off your Instagram feed right from your Gamactica profile. In order to setup your Instagram page so it appears on your profile, please take the following steps: Go to your PROFILE […]