How Do I Get Started?

If you are new to Gamactica or want a better understanding of how to use the platform, we put together this Getting Started page for you.

Are there additional costs?

Gamactica Basic memberships will always remain FREE. Gamactica offers Premier Memberships (paid) that offer additional member perks and benefits to enhance the Gamactica experience and provide additional benefits.

Is Support Included?

Every level of membership has access to Gamactica Support. Due to volume and staff, we cannot provide an exact timeline on when we can address or resolve a specific issue, so we encourage each member to seek out answers in the Support FAQ, Support Group and from Staff.

What about Refunds?

Gamactica does not offer refunds for memberships. Memberships will be paid on a monthly or annual basis, so a member can cancel their plan at any time.

Can I change Plans or cancel at any time?

Members can move from FREE to Premium Tiers, and back to FREE, at any time.

Why Is It Not Allowing Me to Register?

Often times, registration fields being incorrectly input or left out can trigger an incomplete registration. Gamactica can help, by completing setup of your account, simply submit a ticket or use our contact form to get started

How Do I Delete My Account?

While we are sorry to see you leave Gamactica, you can easily delete your account by going to your Account Settings page. Keep in mind that deleting your account also deletes your listing in our sections, such as the Stream Directory, and eliminates any marketing our platform has provided.


What Are the Benefits of Joining Gamactica?

Gamactica is a social networking community and marketing platform .We have a number of unique and innovative benefits and features that you read here.


How Do I Use My Account?

We have a number of tutorials and outlines on how to utilize the features and functions of your profile. Here are a few to get your started:


Where Can I Find Out About Updates, News Related to Gamactica?

Keep up with upgrade notes, news, and special community announcements on the official Gamactica blog.


I Want to Do Business with Gamactica, How Can I Contact Corporate?

Gamactica has a corporate section setup for businesses, brands, and potential investors to directly contact the Gamactica corporate staff. Visit the Corporate section right here.


Are Gamactica Search Engine Listings Free?

Yes. The initial listing into a Search Engine on Gamactica is free, upon approval. However, should you delete a listing OR a listing is deleted due to you deleting your account, any future listing will require a Premier Membership