Twitch Universe is partnered with Miami SEO company Elite Rank Media, which is an award winning Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, and Internet Marketing agency that has been in operation since 2009.

Elite Rank Media is providing Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Services to our website so that we can help improve our visibility online, in search engines, and help us connect with more people in the Twitch community.

Twitch Marketing is their personalized brand of internet marketing that will specifically develop marketing efforts geared for, and optimized for the Twitch industry.

Not only does our Twitch Marketing and Twitch Promotion methods offer increased visibility on our website and social media, we are the only website of our kind that offers the benefits of increased exposure on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

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How This Benefits You

Twitch streamers, and gamers alike, often complain about the lack of promotional opportunities that are available for their channel or gaming team. There frankly isn’t a good number of established, viable marketing options, or platforms, for  people to market their channel, or Twitch streams.

Utilizing SEO, which is a proven and established method, and formulating for the Twitch medium is a big boon.

As a Subscription Member of the Twitch Universe, your listing automatically reaps the benefits of the Twitch SEO initiative. Additionally, there are options available to get additional SEO perks for your Twitch Universe listing (and thus, your channel), that will help you show up in search engines, and other online searches, for popular Twitch searches, or specialized Twitch search.

For example, if you are a variety streamer, we can help optimize your listing, specifically for the “Twitch Variety Streamer” search market. If you are an ASMR streamer, we can do the same for the ASMR market, and if you’re a Fortnite streamer, we can do the same as well.

Whatever your main focus is, even if you’re a mixed bag streamer, we can personalize the efforts to fit your need.

Why this Matters

It takes time, commitment, and long-term dedication to see a Twitch channel reach success, and if this is a goal of yours, the marketing options such as Twitch SEO are a perfect outlet to help boost your presence.

Looking at all of Twitch’s traffic sources, you can see that while Direct traffic is very powerful, there are other tools that are directing traffic, at an amazing 15 million visitor-per-day average to the broadcasting platform.

So why should your marketing and/or promotional efforts be one-dimensional?


Our platform offers a number of Twitch Promotions that can help you boost your channel. Even if you stream on platforms such as Mixer or YouTube, some of our promotional services can be beneficial for your channel as well.

Stream Cycle

Our stream cycle platform is perhaps our most powerful method of promotion. As users look for streams in the Stream Directory, they will also see a Wall of Twitch streams that are currently broadcasting live. This wall will display up to 100 live Twitch Streams at once, allowing members to not only find entertaining channels, but to watch the action to get a glimpse of what a particular stream is doing.

Adding your channel to this cycle will allow your live broadcast to enter the cycle.

Read more about Stream Cycle

Stream Cypher

Stream Cypher is reserved for our Tier 3 Subscribers on Twitch and sets up auto-hosting for channels on our official Twitch Channel. While this feature is currently in development, we are working on a system that will properly implement this powerful marketing tool.

Read more about Stream Cypher

Twitch Universe Social Media Promotion (coming soon)

Get a “shoutout” on our official Instagram page to give you exposure to our audience, front and center. We are working on options that will do this for Facebook and Twitter as well.

Statistics show that Social Media is one of the top 3 traffic driving components for Twitch.











Why Internet Marketing Matters

Understanding the importance of marketing numbers is critical to constructing a solid plan to help your channel grow, and with virtually no options that look at the search aspect of marketing it’s important that there is a marketing plan in place that helps target that market as well.

Consider this, according to the graphic below (courtesy of SimilarWeb) you see that 6.8% of traffic to Twitch comes from Search, and not the paid advertisements that often times engulf a page, organic keyword search.

Twitch’s Marketing Page says that 15 million people visit their website daily, so search driven traffic accounts for roughly 1.02 million of those visitors on a daily basis and is a whopping 30.6 million visitors monthly.

By utilizing a marketing platform that not only uses the traditional methods, but also incorporates search engine marketing, you are utilizing a complete market plan for your channel.