Using Gamactica

Gamactica operates like most social networking websites. Think of it kind of like a social media platform specific to the gaming and content creation industries and sectors. Add friends, join & manage Groups, Send Direct Messages, and Share Updates to our Activity Page which goes to all of your friends, and our community.


Innovating Industry Networking, Targeted Marketing, & Discoverability Impact

Gamactica also allows you to find, and watch, streams from Twitch, discover new channels, and streamers to connect and network with. This helps organically increase visibility, viewership and more for streamers within our community.

Gamactica is powered by Award Winning Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization, which drives targeted traffic, improves brand value, and produces exposure, including on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Social Media platforms.

Gamactica is an industry leader in Content Creator MarketingInfluencer MarketingEsports SEOVideo Game SEO, and industry/niche specific internet marketing services.

NOTE: We are in BETA mode, and rolling out new features and fixes as often as we can. Stay tuned to our Blog to stay up to date on our progress.

Check out the video below & explore the bare bone basics of the Gamactica platform

There is a lot to discover on our platform, and mobile app. So check out the video to get a general understanding of how to utilize the Gamctica platform.

NOTE: This is a Video of the Desktop version of Gamactica