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Become a Voyager and Gain Industry Experience, Expand Your Skills, & Build Your Resume

Gamactica is excited to introduce you to the Voyagers program, which is our form of an internship that allows dedicated members of the Gamactica platform to work directly with our Corporate team.

These opportunities can provide valuable industry specific experience, help you grow and develop your skillset, assist in expanding your portfolio and resume, all with the Gamactica brand.

It can be hard to get your foot in the door within the gaming/streaming/esports industries, but the Voyagers program can help you learn and gain experience that can help you in your career, and with your own brand.


Gamactica is always looking for promising talent to develop and help get a footing in the industry. While our positions are not paid, they will lend valuable experience for your resume, and can lead to a letter of recommendation from Corporate.

Additionally, all Voyagers who excel in their specific role will be considered in the future for employment opportunities with our company.

Our goal is to provide a real opportunity to our platform members to grow their professional profile.

Take a look at some of the roles we typically are looking for.

  • Community Leads

  • Design Projects

  • Social Media

  • Community Relations

  • Recruiting

  • Marketing

  • More…


we are excited to hear from you!

If you are ready to apply, get your resume and cover letter ready and get the ball rolling!

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