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chloeo47: “My whole ethic towards being a streamer is to have fun and build a community! I play a variety of games from multiplayer such as Dead by Daylight, to single player like Animal Crossing and Little Nightmares. No matter what I’m playing, I always aim to not take myself too seriously and enjoy myself, creating a postitive atmosphere with my viewers. I love being able to take something I enjoy, gaming, and use it to interact with others or even introduce games to those who haven’t heard of it/want to know what it’s about. In particular, there’s a common misconception that women don’t like gaming, or only like ‘cosy’ games. With Gamactica women in the streaming industry, I’d like to destroy that misconception. Too often are women streamers told “you’re only popular because you’re a girl” with a complete disregard to their hard work, personality and skill. I want Gamactica women to give women the market and promotion they deserve, while helping build each other up.”

Xbox – Potterhead479
PC/Steam – chloeo47
Nintendo Switch – SW-0958-1962-6389