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GamingGramma: “I am a 47-year old Asexual Demi Gaming Gramma. I have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. I have built a community focused on inckusivity and invisible illness as I have fibromyalgia, depression, and other autoimmune issues. My community, the GramFam, is welcoming, supportive, and has strong shoulders to lean on. I play a variety if games, however, I play a lot of Phasmophobia and other community games. I also play story based games in the mornings.i am currently unemployed which has given me the opportunity to stream twice daily and allows me to vary my content. My full-time job was in Accounts Payable as Accounting is my professional background.

Having seen the evolution of the gaming industry from Arcade, Atari, computer gaming, and the nintendo/playstation evolvement, I feel that women have been excluded from that growth and recognition. It is nice to see that decades later more women are being recognized for their contributions to the gaming industry. When it comes to streaming, there is this misnomer that you have to be sexy and show cleavage to build and audience, guaranteed, there is that popularity and I have no problem if that is what the content creators goal is, however, there are so many more talented women out there that are disregarded for their skill or what they are trying to achieve.

Using the twitch platform for me, is to build a safe space for everyone and focus primarily on invisible illnesses. I want people who come into my stream to feel at home and feel as if they have a place to relax and be who they are without judgment.”