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JaxRomero: “I’m a mom of 3. Im into Photography and Im trying to learn more about photoshop and graphic design. Ive been a SAHM for over a decade and started playing games and streaming about 5 years ago and have been an Affiliate on twitch for 4 years now. Over the past 2 years I have started doing more charity streams and I have been loving it. In 2020 got together with a group friends and we did a relay 24hour marathon for ExtraLife.

I recently did a set of streams for a week to raise money for StackUp, Which supports military member and vets thru gaming and helplines. This Year we have raised enough money to send a supply crate to a Veteran. Along with my community, we have symbolically adopted a dozen Pandas thru WWF. I should mention I love pandas :). I love to have a good laugh and just hang out with people and get to know them an hopefully distract them for a couple of hours from whatever is going on in real life”