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jessiekahs: “My name is Jessie and I’m just a wannabe Twitch streamer trying to grow my community that plays a variety of games, and currently a content creator for Tempted Esports (LET’S GO #TE GANG!).

I’m a RAGEr and a screamer, but overall love to laugh, game, troll, and most importantly, connect with my viewers and other like-minded streamers to help each other grow, both online and through friendships :D. My discord community is very active and plays all sorts of games…we also have an absolute BLAST together pretty much every night! Judgement free channel here, so stop on by and let’s have a good time 😀

I love seeing more and more women in the gaming industry and more gaming content creators. My hope is to bring more awareness to the female gaming community to not be afraid to go out and be yourselves in gaming, and interacting in games. I know a lot of women are afraid to speak in team chats or to expose their identities online as women. I also hope to someday see less and less harassment to women in gaming – we are EQUAL!”