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Anum Aamer: “I am a Marketing Manager for Trovo Live, a brand new live streaming platform focused on gaming. The gaming and esports industry has been slowly growing for sometime we have seen quite a drastic increase during the pandemic which puts those of us in the industry in quite an interesting and exciting position. In my scope of work I primarily focus on partnerships, social media & content strategy, and in person events. I am in a unique position as on one hand I work in the tech industry on the broader spectrum and more in depth I also am considered to be in the esports industry, both of which are currently still lacking in female representation, and women of color. My goal for all women, and especially WOC is that we start breaking down the barriers of this industry and show the world that Tech and Gaming is not just for men. Everyday you see female gaming streamers break new records and show that they belong in space and I plan to use my unique position to not only empower women but lead the way and provide opportunities for them to enter and compete in the space just as their male counterparts do.”