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MaineiacGirl: “My name is Heather ( Or Maineiac)!

I am from Maine, USA! Age 30 going on 24.

You will find me gaming on mostly pew-pew games (Shooters).

or doing graphic design. ( it’s what I do)

I love animals and my family is 2 mini horses, a bunny, and a pitbull. They all may make an appearance on my IRL streams.

In late 2021 I was diagnosed with cirrhosis and portal hypertenson, but I am out here living my best life.

My community is here to support anyone struggling with illness, whether that be physical or mental. & Heck you’re even welcome if you just had a bad day.

Pull up a chair, bouncy ball or bean bag? and enjoy what my stream can offer.
I LOVE naps, but I’m also a night owl

Business Email: [email protected]