Gamactica Women was built with the mission of creating a safe, supportive, and fun community of female streamers, on both Twitch and Mixer, who can help one another grow and collectively help female streamers evolve.

We are constantly seeking members who posses the drive and mindset of growing within a strong community, and helping the community, and their members grow.

If you have a passion for what we are trying to build, you may be a perfect fit as an Admin.

Here is what is expected of each role:


  • Be an active member of the Gamactica community and the Gamactica Women community.
  • Actively participate in team streams, raids, and group events.
  • Be positive and supportive of other members in the group.


  • Meet all requirements of being a Member
  • Help organize and lead group events, team streams, and raids
  • be active and available in group chats to plan an organize group related events and initiatives
  • Actively seek out and recruit new, quality members to the community.
  • Help promote the brand on Social Media

Whether you want to join Gamactica Women as a member, or an Admin, please make sure to fill our our official application.