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NoviceGamerGirl: “Hi there! My friends call me Novii and you can too! I’m a bit of an eccentric alternative feminine tomboy variety streamer. A character for sure! I’ve got that NYer volume & sass with the mouth of a sailor! All are welcome, and I encourage you to be your authentic self here.

Some things I stream/have streamed:
-Fitness “workout with me” streams
-Apex, Gears of War, Witcher 3, Evil Within, Fall Guys, Assassin’s Creed, Animal Crossing, Death’s Door etc
-(Coming soon) Creative – photo/video editing and crafts – I just started making horror movie plushies!!

I’m a lifelong casual gamer (since 3yrs old!) & an absolute geek through and through! I could geek out for hours over things like games (duh), movies, fitness, movie special effects (practical effects ftw!!), cosplay, animals (I’m a total catmom) and my gorgeous custom built PC!

I’m also in a D&D campaign every other Thursday!!”

Women have always seemed to be vastly underestimated and underrated in the gaming & entertainment world, which is a shame, and one of the reasons I’m focused on sticking around and proving the old stereotypes wrong! There’s more than enough room for all of us, and so much potential for us all to kill the game together.”