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Peralt: “Resident Evil speedrunner. Horror lover. Type 1 Diabetic. Chinchilla mum. Author. Ambassador for @ArtesianBuilds Lead Promo @REMarathonTTV

I’ve loved Resident Evil since RE2 was released back in ’98 and that love of early survival horror has developed into a love of most things horror. My bread and butter is still, of course, Resident Evil and I am very active within the RE community. I speedrun a lot of the games and my main speed game currently in RE7. I also enjoy a good casual horror game either on twitch, or on my YouTube.

Away from Twitch I’m a published author of non fiction history books. I am currently working on a History of Resident Evil. I talk about my writing quite a bit – meaning I’ll often rant about things in history. Or historical inaccuracy in video games. Or the portrait of Cesare Borgia in RE1 OG (IT’S NOT A WOMAN!!) As a little authory update I’m now currently working on a history of the Resident Evil franchise, due to be published in 2024/5. I have a huge interest in the RE community and the work that other creators do within it, as well as their thoughts on the franchise.

Also a massive potty mouth. You have been warned.”