Gamactica Women is a welcoming and supportive community, but we want to be selective on the members we bring into our community.

We want to bring in members that are committed to our mission of building a community that will be a positive hub for female streamers, help support the growth of one another’s channels, and help grow our community.

Here are the requirements to join our community:

1. Must be a member of Gamactica. If you are not, please create a complete a profile (it’s 100% free). Register Here.

2. Must have your channel submitted in the Stream Directory. Our stream directory helps up further promote our members. This will help us add additional exposure, so it’s 100% beneficial to you and our community. Why must you have your channel listed? Because when people visit Gamactica Women we want them to easily find our streamers, see their channel, and be able to connect with them in one place. (Submit your Channel here)

3. Must be active on Gamactica. It wouldn’t make sense to be a member of Gamactica Women and not be active on the website, so we ask that you share updates (such as when you are going live), add friends, and socialize in the community.

4. Help up recruit other awesome female streamers. We are only as strong as our members, and with more strong female streamers, we can build a bright future, for everyone.

5. Add Gamactica Women logo to Twitch/Mixer channel page. Once accepted we will send you a logo that must be present on your channel and link to AND add mention of GamacticaWomen on social media (Instagram and/or Twitter) @GamacticaWomen.

6. Participate in Co-Streams, Community Events, and Raids. We understand you cannot attend everything we do, but be sure to attend events such as co-streams and raids for Gamactica Women, this is how we can grow the community, and our members.

Our marketing strategy is aiming to bring prominent exposure for our team, via Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Fill out our application to join Gamactica Women.