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Shortie: “Hi there, I am Shortie. I am a Mother to 4 and a full time content creator on Trovo, YouTube and TikTok. I have been in the content creation industry since October of 2017 when I started streaming on Mixer. I love to provide content for all kinds of games from Battle Royales to FPS and even Racing games as well as some indie games from time to time. I believe that not just gaming but also content creation should be for all and I believe that women should always feel safe and like they belong when it comes to content creation and not like they are singled out or there is no place in the content creation industry for women. I believe as a female content creator myself I can be a role model to other women who wish to be content creators and be a part of the industry the confidence they need to step in and do something they want to do without fear of feeling like they do not belong.”